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Founder / CEO SwiftStack

Even if they won’t admit it, it seems like some teams like the test & fix cycle of a project


  • They like the immediate positive feedback that they get from the team when they fix a bug.
  • For some programmers these tricky obscure problems are fun. They love tracing through the code, poking at the database to find the problem.
  • It gives them the sense of accomplishment when they can find and fix issues. They get a pat on the back when they crank-out 20 bug fixes in a day. They don’t get a pat on the back when the feature was implemented.

Project Managers:

  • There are finally concrete numbers on the project. (87% test coverage, 62% pass, 38 bugs…) Those numbers can be tracked, charted and a prediction can be made on when the project will be ready to launch.


  • This is their show. They get a chance to drive development efforts. There have been pent up frustrations over the past few months, with
  • They are proud of the number of bugs they find.

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