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Hack Day India was awesome.

Hack Day is an event where programmers (and even those who can’t) come together to build cool stuff over 24 hours. Yahoo! supplies the venue, food, entertainment and the all important WiFi connection. After 24 hours every hacker gets to be in the spotlight and show off what they built.

Putting together the event was a whirlwind. So many people from Yahoo! mobilized to put the event together and we got a lot of help from the Taj Residency and Karpe Diem Entertainment.

Starting the night before, our IT staff got to work, setting up the networking gear to transform the 1st floor of the Taj Residency into a super-wifi, 20Mbs hotspot. Rock. The setup continued through the night and by morning we were ready to go.

The hackers were greeted to a huge open-space scattered with Hack Day India beanbags that they got to take home at the end of the event. Everyone was excited about that. Christian Hielmann and Shivku Ganesan from Yahoo! along with Ragu Rau from Adobe gave a few talks before the hacking started. Bradley Horowitz kicked-off the hacking.

With that, the hacking began! People quickly formed into teams and got to work. Hacking lasted through the night. Sid DJ-ed through the night, people took breaks to play the Xbox and the Wii. Caffeine spurred us on. Some of us couldn’t hang on and managed to grab a few zzs.

One thing that amazed me was the willingness that everyone had to help each other out. The people really made the event. Cheers to that!

Bradley Horowitz kicks off the Juding. I announce the judges. The first few hacks.

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“The 9”, Maria Sansone, _hacks_ up the winners.

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