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I put nearly four years into my previous gig at AirWave Wireless. They were acquired this week by Aruba Networks.

Wi-Fi Planet:

I—and most of our customers—believe that Airwave is simply the best solution for managing multi-vendor networks. … What customers and prospects are requesting is true multi-vendor support … It is in the context of addressing market demand that Aruba is choosing to acquire Airwave

–Dominic Orr, President and CEO of Aruba Networks

Professionally, this is a proud moment. Congratulations to business development, sales, customer support and engineering.

There is a method to Agile methods. Years of listening to customers, testing and coding works to add real value to a business.

While searching for news, I noticed a recent job posting for AirWave Wireless.

We believe that running code and short feedback loops speak louder than excessive documentation and month-long design meetings. We practice test-driven development and have a comprehensive suite of tests — over 31,000 at last count. We pair program, so you’ll learn the system quickly and have a great time doing it. We have short release cycles, which means your talents won’t sit idle working on projects that never see the light of day. Software you write today will be managing enterprise networks in just a couple of weeks. We’ve been cited as the longest running continuous XP project in the industry (six years and counting) so we have gotten quite good at embracing advantages while avoiding its pitfalls.

Personally, I enjoy working at Airwave more than any job I’ve ever had. I am excited to come into work every day, I work hard for eight hours solving challenging problems, and then go home to lead a well balanced life outside of work. When I’m at work I get to interact closely with a group that is brilliant, funny, motivated, and inspiring. I spend most of the day smiling, laughing, and learning. The team we’ve built is truly a special group, and I’m proud and honored to be a part of it.

Humm… a group of people that truly enjoy and take pride in their work. Does that reflect in the product they build? Does that impact the value they add to the company? You bet.


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