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Joe Arnold's Blog

Founder / CEO SwiftStack

OpenStack must build an ecosystem to survive. They’ve enlisted a lot of help to build a community including Cloudscaling — Community – Cloudscaling. How this differs from other open-source products is that OpenStack will never have an ‘enterprise’ version (at least provided by Rackspace).

Rackspace is not in the game to sell ‘cloud-in-a-box’ software to service providers. For this strategy to be successful, they have to explicitly not offer a paid version of CloudStack. For a community to catch hold, an ecosystem of service providers, hardware vendors, infrastructure software providers and cloud systems integrators must have a stake in the outcome.

Rackspace is behind Amazon’s AWS in the infrastructure-as-a-service space. As a new crop of competition enters the market over the next few years, Rackspace had to make a move to begin leveling the playing field for infrastructure clouds. Time will tell if Rackspace’s “cast a wide ecosystem net” strategy will out-maneuver Amazon’s closed approach.


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