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Joe Arnold's Blog

Founder / CEO SwiftStack

Over the past week, we’ve (Cloudscaling) been going back and forth with a client on an integration point. Each team has been volleying back and forth multiple, multi-page documents of product plans, technical specs and user workflows. In the end, those documents were useful, but not for planning purposes. They were incredibly useful to share knowledge, kickoff a conversation and help with the design activities. However, we failed (twice) to kick-off an actual who-does-what planning session.

What ended up working was showing up with a blank document. “Okay guys, let’s fill this out. What’s the team goal for this iteration?”

We were quickly able to hone in on the core of what needed to be done, craft up a quick design, write up a few user stories and walk away with a task-driven-plan of what needed to be done over the next 2 weeks.

Moral of the story: don’t confuse documentation and design with a plan for action.


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