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Joe Arnold's Blog

Founder / CEO SwiftStack

At the Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies, Geoff Arnold from Yahoo! calls out the major trends he is seeing in storage.

  • From enterprise-class to consumer hardware
  • From filers and arrays to commodity JBODs
  • From disk to RAM (or SSD if necessary)
  • From RAID to decentralized erasure coding
  • From SANs to converged networks
  • From FC (and FCoE) to Ethernet and iSCSI
  • From NFS to REST
  • From POSIX & SQL to objects & NoSQL (key-value)
  • From transaction to eventual consistency
  • From schema & XML to open content & JSON
  • From synchronous to asynchronous operations
  • From MTBF to MTTR
  • From predictable business models to chaotic innovation
  • From human operator processes to autonomics and self-service

Link to the full presentation here:

I think these trends are spot-on.


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