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OpenStack Summit Spring 2011

Continuing to get down my notes from the Spring 2011 OpenStack Conference. This time i’m covering a topic true to my heart as I’ve been involved with deploying Swift for our clients (Deploying Petabytes with OpenStack, KT’s Storage Cloud). As always, it was great to spend time at the conference with the core Swift team and to swap stories on our respective deployments.

Commercialization of OpenStack Object Storage
I gave a talk on Commercialization of OpenStack Object Storage (Swift). See my slides in a previous post. It was great to give the talk with our partners at KT. I’ll link to the video as soon as Stephen Spector gets back from his summer vacation and uploads it to Vimeo.

Container Sync
Gregory Holt gave a presentation on his thoughts on providing container replication in Swift. Sensibly, Gregory proposed an incremental approach to the introduction of this feature — begin with simple replication of containers between Swift clusters. How it will work is that a user would be able to configure a container in each cluster to ‘point’ to each other (set a shared key & respective Swift container URLs) and the containers will be able to sync with each other. This is a great feature to incorporate into Swift. It will provide a useful solution for cross-site replication of data without introducing too much complexity. The downside is that you can’t specify the number of replicas at each site, but expect that as an item on the roadmap. Lookout EMC Atmos!

Upcoming Swift Features
(FYI, the Swift team is moving quickly ahead, as of this writing they have already released 1.4.0 with many refinements and bug fixes.)

Discussion on the last day was about what features should be worked on in core Swift.
Highlights included:

  • Access log delivery
  • self-destructing objects
  • tiny URL
  • server-side chunking for large-file uploads
  • The most controversial topic was Josh McKenty discussing overloading the a Swift configuration component (the Ring), for managing compute zones. Interesting…

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